We believe a true business partnership is about honest commitment and shared outcomes, whether that is succeeding together or enduring the difficult times together.

Our 12-month one-to-one business growth coaching programme embodies that ethos. If you have the commitment to follow our process faithfully, then we will Guarantee that it will work, or we will return every pound we haven't earned.

We become like a new 'Director' for your business - but available to you for as little as £12,000pa and, if our advice doesn't generate real results, we even give our 'salary' back!

What we receive in return for our services

  • You select a partnership contract to suit your budget, support needs and ambitions
  • You pay the relevant monthly retainer fees for this service
  • We jointly identify measurable impacts you can make to your business using the process above
  • We agree a one-off top-up bonus that will be paid at the end of the year, if our partnership exceeds the agreed growth targets
  • We measure success and either return unearned fees, or receive top-up payments to the level agreed.

An illustrated example

If a client signs up for 12 months, on our £1000pm package, and we agree to target £50k additional value together (be that cost savings, additional revenue / profit, or increase in business value / share price), one of three things will happen:

We exceed our joint £50k target - then a one-off 'Top-up fee' of an agreed percentage is payable, out of this additional growth.

We hit or narrowly miss our joint target, but make more than £12k - In this case, no 'Top-up fee' is due, but the 'Retainer fee' is kept.

We do not deliver our minimum £12k growth level - In this case, up to 100% of the retainer fee is returned, so no-one will ever lose money by working with us.

Important 'small print' we want to be completely honest about

Sustainable change takes time – we prefer 12+ month contracts and set a minimum of 12 to qualify for our guarantee

Your 100% commitment is vital – our guarantee is contingent on your timely delivery against actions we jointly agree

We don’t do handcuffs – if you want to leave us, let us know and stop payment of our retainer fees. Simple.

“It’s fantastic to see the best tools and techniques, from both large and small business, all coming together so neatly in one clear, easy to follow method.”

Jim Barlow - Golf Course Owner (Cornwall)