October 19th, 2019

Pendleton Growth Award 2019 - Bristol

At Pendleton, we love to celebrate businesses that flourish and grow, and so have spent some time researching the Bristol market to find those businesses that stood out over the past 12 months! Find out who the 2019 winners are here...

September 20th, 2019

Pendleton Growth Award 2019 - Cornwall

As a guaranteed growth firm, we believe that it’s essential to celebrate success and that’s why we have created the Pendleton Growth Award. We analysed the public accounts of Cornish businesses with at least £250k of turnover and ranked the ten fastest growing in our report. Find out who the 2019 winners are here...

May 24th, 2019


To Grow your business, your Sales and Revenue processes need to be a well-oiled machine, to convert customers from leads, with healthy margins and repeat business. Pendleton’s #GuaranteedBusinessGrowth helps you understand of this process.

April 29th, 2019

Why you need to work with Rob Pendleton?

How fast would your business grow if you had an award-winning SME entrepreneur and world-leading growth expert as your new Strategy Director? Rob Pendleton even comes with #GuaranteedBusinessGrowth for just £12k pa.

March 20th, 2019

Growth, whatever stage your business is in!

#GuaranteedBusinessGrowth, whether you’re consolidating, growing or enjoying your flourishing business – at Pendleton, if you show commitment and dedication to our process, we guarantee you’ll grow.

Why you should be interested in Pendleton’s Guaranteed Business Growth

February 4th, 2019

Is your business at that point where you have people to look after the accounts, the personnel, the marketing, and the systems and processes, as well as people to do the actual work of your business?

Do you employ more than a handful of people, and have a turnover that’s respectable without being enormous?

Have you been running for more than a couple of years, and have a good idea where you want to be going with the business?

Yes? That’s great!

But, do you have clear plans of precisely how you’re going to get there?

Maybe you went into business because you had a great idea, or could provide a service, or utilise a skill you have. Have you made mistakes along the way? Had to get in staff to fill in gaps in your knowledge or skillset? It is rare for someone to go into business with all the tools they need to make their business run like clockwork at every stage of its development.

Partnering with Pendleton is like taking on a Strategic Director for a year, at a cost of as little as £12,000, and if the business fails to grow, the Director hands back the salary, because growth is guaranteed.

So, are you interested?