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#GuaranteedBusinessGrowth is now easier and more cost effective than ever, with our new Business Waterwheel™ Video Portal. All 20 modules are packed with content and client examples, and have a homework pack to make getting started easy.

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Our mission here at Pendleton, is to free business owners from the shackles of working within their business, by giving them the framework, knowledge and guidance they need to improve their business and their lives.

We are also growing our own team of Licensed Coaches at; who use their knowledge, skills and experiences, within the framework of our Business Waterwheel™, to generate amazing results for their own clients.

So, whether you are an established business coach looking to extend the length and value of your relationship with clients, or are an experienced practitioner considering becoming a business coach, we can help you achieve a reliable six-figure income. Get in touch!

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Our comprehensive Business Waterwheel™ gives us a clear guaranteed business growth model, allowing our clients to truly ‘KNOW’ their strengths and weaknesses, sustainably ‘GROW’ their customer base and profits, improve the efficient ‘FLOW’ of their business, and ultimately achieve ‘OVERFLOW’; a state where the business generates an income, whether they work there or not.

Our programme has been described as a '20-module Growth MBA for SME Owners', which helps generate a steady flow of customers for their business and make it run almost by itself!

As we have done many times before!

Check out what 20 businesses, across the UK and around the World, have achieved with Pendleton coaches. Whatever your biggest problem or opportunity is, we will have helped someone face a similar challenge. We have great reason to be confident that we can help you too.

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If you don’t see benefits greater in value than what we have charged, we will return every penny we haven’t earned. We passionately believe that you should get a great return on your investment, and if we ever failed to acheive that, we'd simply return our fee. Work with us with total confidence.

At Pendleton we only succeed when you do too!