GUARANTEED Business Growth with our expert advisors

Our video series is live!

Getting #GuaranteedBusinessGrowth with Pendleton is now easier and even more cost effective than ever, with the launch of our 4 Business Waterwheel™ courses on Udemy.

Only these 4 links will get you access at the best prices: KNOW, GROW, FLOW, and OVERFLOW

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It's time to grow

Our mission here at Pendleton, is to free business owners from the shackles of working within their business, by giving them the framework, opportunity and guidance they need to improve their business and their lives.

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We'll make it happen

Our comprehensive Business Waterwheel™ gives us a clear guaranteed business growth model, allowing our clients to truly ‘KNOW’ their strengths and weaknesses, sustainably ‘GROW’ their customer base and profits, improve the efficient ‘FLOW’ of their business, and ultimately achieve ‘OVERFLOW’; a state where the business generates an income, whether they work there or not.


And, it really is guaranteed! If you don’t see benefits greater in value than what we have charged, we return every pound we haven’t earned.